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Good skincare starts and ends with cleansing

Good skincare starts and ends with cleansing

The skin's primary function is to act as a barrier against harmful environmental influences, which is reflected in its unique structure. To perform this function effectively, the skin needs proper and, above all, effective care.

All good skin care starts and ends with cleansing. Just as our body needs nourishment to keep all the body's processes running smoothly, our skin needs proper daily care to keep it looking firm and radiant.

The foundation of all good skin care is cleansing. If you don't cleanse your skin regularly or remove your make-up before going to bed, you are doing your skin a disservice. A good cleanser gently removes excess sebum, dirt, and makeup, refreshing your skin and preparing it for the next steps in your skincare routine.


Why is cleansing so important?

The benefits of regular cleansing

Morning cleansing

Evening cleansing

Skin cleansing aids

Why is skin cleansing so important?

Every good skincare routine starts and ends with cleansing the skin. Just as our body needs nourishment to keep all the body's processes running smoothly, so too does our skin need proper care every day to keep it looking firm and radiant. Skin is our largest organ and accounts for 15% of our body weight as an adult.

Throughout life, the skin is exposed to many challenges that affect its structure, functionality, and appearance.

The skin's primary function is to act as a barrier against harmful environmental influences, which is reflected in its unique structure. To perform this function effectively, the skin needs proper and, above all, effective care. During the day, dirt, sweat, sebum, and makeup residues accumulate on the skin. So if our skin doesn't get enough care, it's less able to protect against pollution, free radicals, and the sun.

Benefits of regular skin cleansing

  1. Removing dead skin particles and impurities

The general benefit of facial cleansing is the removal of dirt, oil, and other unwanted residues. During the day, bacteria, pollutants, viruses, dirt, and old (dead) skin cells are constantly deposited on the skin of the face. Washing your face daily removes these impurities and gives your skin a fresh look.

Without washing, your skin would be covered with a thick layer of dirt and impurities, making it difficult for other products to penetrate the skin properly.

  1. Increase skin hydration

Regular cleansing of the face (along with the use of a good moisturizer) is also an important factor in helping the skin to maintain an adequate level of hydration. Dehydrated skin looks rough, wrinkled, and aged. Moisturised skin, on the other hand, looks fresh and youthful.

  1. Keeping skin clear

Small glands under the skin produce an oil called sebum, which protects the skin from the dangers of the outside world. These glands use the hair follicles in the skin as a pathway for the oil to reach the surface of the skin (the outer layer), forming a barrier that prevents bacteria or other harmful agents from penetrating.

Excessive build-up of dirt on the surface can cause blockage of the follicle, which traps sebum, sweat, and dead skin cells. The lack of sebum on the surface of the skin allows bacteria to penetrate the follicle and cause inflammation. The result is acne.

Proper cleansing of the skin cleanses the pores of impurities to prevent the build-up of dirt, allowing sebum to reach the surface of the skin unhindered; this reduces the chance of acne breakouts.

Morning cleansing

Do you know why cleansing your skin in the morning is so important? Because even overnight, bacteria, dirt, and sebum accumulate on the face. In addition, it is necessary to prepare the skin for the morning skincare routine and to remove night creams and serums.

So what is the right procedure for cleansing the skin in the morning? Make sure you wash your hands before cleansing so that you don't apply additional impurities to your face. We recommend rinsing your face with lukewarm water first. Water that is too cold or too hot can irritate or dry out the skin on your face. Then apply a cleanser or cleansing foam to your face.

What is a foaming cleanser? A foaming cleanser is a cleanser that contains a foaming agent that foams or bubbles when applied to the skin. It works by quickly and easily removing surface impurities and makeup, leaving your skin cleansed and refreshed.

MSM Foamer

 When applied to the skin, the foam particles can lift dirt and impurities from deeper parts of the pores and deep cleanse the skin. Once the face and neck are cleansed, rinse off any residual foam and apply a facial moisturizer or, for active care, a serum. Finally, don't forget to apply SPF cream.

Remember, even if there are clouds in the sky, it is important to apply SPF. Harmful UV rays are the main cause of premature skin aging.

Evening skin cleansing

According to dermatologists, there is actually some truth in the phrase ''beauty sleep''. The skin absorbs nutrients from products better at night than during the day. At night, when you sleep, your skin is not exposed to environmental stressors (such as pollution and sun damage), so products can penetrate better.

In addition, there is no make-up on your face at night, allowing your skin to breathe while you sleep. Night skin care is just as important as morning skin care, if not more so. Although there is no universal routine, there are a few basics for a good evening skin cleansing routine.

1. Clean your make-up

Sleeping with make-up on is a major skincare 'sin'. Make-up closes your skin's pores and doesn't allow it to regenerate or "breathe" effectively at night.

Make-up removal is therefore the No. 1 way to cleanse your skin at night. You can also use our washable facial cleansing pads for this purpose.

Skin cleansing


2. Use a gentle cleanser

Whatever your skin type, a gentle cleanser is essential to avoid stripping the skin of its natural oils and irritating the skin.

MSM Foamer

3. Skin Toner

Toner should be part of your daily skincare routine. Toning removes all traces of cleanser, refreshes the skin, and restores its natural pH value.

BHA Tonik

4.Detox Facial Mask

Like a serum or moisturizer, a face mask is a skincare product. It delivers highly concentrated active substances, vitamins, or nutrients to the skin. The face mask creates a barrier that keeps the beneficial ingredients in your skin and allows them to be absorbed more efficiently by the skin.

Detox Facial mask

6. Hyaluron Moisturising Face Cream

After cleansing or using a mask, don't forget to apply a moisturizer to your face. Some face creams already contain SPF so they are suitable for daytime use but not for evening use.

Therefore, choose a moisturizer without SPF and without pigments for evening care. We love products that contain hyaluronic acid, as it helps the skin retain moisture.

Skin cleansers

Did you know that bacteria build up on your hands during the day and can then be transferred to your face? This can cause pimples and other impurities to build up, which only worsens the skin's condition.

This is why facial cleansers are a great choice. By using them, you can reduce the chances of pimples and other impurities and provide effective skincare, right in the comfort of your own home.

Skin cleansing aids with this in mind, we have also added skincare aids such as a sonic facial cleanser and cleansing pads to our range of natural cosmetics and food supplements.

What are the benefits of using a sonic facial cleanser?

Cleansing the skin is therefore the cornerstone of any skincare regime. Without regular cleansing, your skin would be covered with a thick layer of dirt and impurities, making it difficult for skincare products to penetrate the skin.

The Sonic Facial Cleanser is a high-tech cosmetic device designed for deep cleansing of the face. High-frequency vibration technology with soft silicone brushes can effectively remove oil and make-up residue from your face, deep cleanse your skin and pores, and improve the appearance of your skin.

Sonic Facial Cleanser

Provides a unique and soothing full-face massage at the same time. The device can be used to massage the nose on both sides and the skin around the eyes, relaxing the muscles, removing dead skin cells, accelerating skin cell regeneration, reducing wrinkles, and increasing skin firmness, thus achieving an anti-aging effect and restoring the skin's natural glow.

At the same time, we've added facial cleansing pads to our range. These gentle, reusable wash pads are made from microfibres that thoroughly remove even the most stubborn make-up, using only warm water, without roughly scrubbing the skin.

Did you know that the average routine uses as many as 3 disposable cotton pads in her daily makeup removal routine? The average woman uses 3 disposable cotton pads in her daily make-up removal routine. It takes 1000 liters of water to produce a pack of 100 disposable cotton pads, which the average woman uses in just 33 days.

Now let's compare reusable washable pads that will last up to 1000 uses! Not only are they more environmentally friendly, but they are also perfect for traveling. They take up little space, are gentle on your skin, and are easy to use.


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