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Collagen threads - advantage or risk?

Collagen threads - advantage or risk?

Collagen is a naturally occurring structural protein in the body. Among other things, it is responsible for the tensile strength of our connective tissue and thus ensures the elasticity of our skin. Our health can benefit enormously from collagen supplements. Facelifts with collagen threads are also becoming increasingly popular. Read on to find out what is behind them and how useful they really are.


What are collagen threads and how do they work?

In a treatment with collagen threads, certain areas of the face are treated with collagen threads made from a biocompatible material according to a special concept. The self-dissolving threads are worked into the skin. The aim is to treat wrinkles, tighten the face and emphasise facial contours in a minimally invasive and gentle way. Collagen threads are mainly used on the face, neck and décolleté.

At a glance - these are the benefits of collagen threads: 

  • Tightening of the connective tissue
  • General skin improvement
  • Strengthening of the collagen framework
  • Firm contours, smoothed wrinkles
  • Slower ageing process
  • Reduction of pores

At a glance - these are the disadvantages of collagen threads: 

  • Results are not permanent
  • Frequent repetition of the treatment is necessary
  • Therefore particularly cost-intensive
  • Possible redness and swelling of the skin
  • Bruising, which can last for a few days
  • Not suitable for everyone

Who are collagen threads not suitable for?

  • Patients with wound healing disorders and inflammatory skin diseases
  • People with allergies and autoimmune diseases
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Patients suffering from cancer
  • With severe scarring
  • Diabetes patients

When lifting with collagen threads, high-quality and 100% degradable threads are used to ensure maximum safety. The treatment takes approx. 30 - 45 minutes and is performed under local anaesthetic. The effect lasts for 1-2 years, but can then be repeated.

Collagen threads and their alternative

Everyone must decide for themselves whether and to what extent this treatment option is suitable for them. However, we recommend that you obtain detailed information in advance and take professional consultations to heart. 

However, a long-term and natural treatment result can also be combined with other benefits. Supplementing collagen does your whole body good all round. In addition to having a positive and firming effect on our skin, collagen also has an enormous effect on hair, nails, joints and intestinal health. Our collagen shot combines valuable ingredients and offers you the complete package of dynamism and vitality

Collagen offers you these benefits: 

  • Fresh, radiant complexion 
  • Improved elasticity and minimised pores
  • Reduces joint pain
  • Increases bone density
  • Improves intestinal health
  • Strengthens hair and nails

All-round vitality with Gaia Naturelle

If you are unsure which of our products is right for you, we will be happy to help you individually and without obligation. Contact and write to us if you have any questions about the ingredients in our products, because transparency is important to us.