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From a home laboratory to a successful company

Our story Anja Bordon

Gaia Naturelle story

Hello! My name is Anja, and I aspire to remain forever young, much like you, the reader of this message. :) This sentiment marks the beginning of my tale, a narrative that, over time, has evolved into a collective story, one that I am crafting alongside my team at Gaia Naturelle.

I have consistently been transparent and sincere about my journey, recognizing that I am not alone in grappling with internal challenges. I hold the conviction that sharing my story might inspire someone to seize control of their own destiny.

We all experience these inner battles, likely including you, the reader. Your struggles may differ from mine, but that doesn't diminish their significance. Today, my challenges are entirely different, yet one aspect remains constant: my honesty. This honesty extends to my family, my employees, and ultimately to you, whether you are a current customer of our products or merely considering a purchase. I hope this sincerity is palpable in my message.

The beginnings of Gaia Naturelle 

 Essentially, it began as a response to my personal desire to maintain a youthful appearance. Until around the age of 25, concerns like wrinkles, aging skin, and the overall aging process weren't on my radar.

However, things changed significantly after experiencing three pregnancies and childbirths, along with everything that comes with them. I began to notice transformations across various parts of my body.

Following my third maternity leave, during a period of unemployment, I stepped into a realm brimming with new possibilities: entrepreneurship. Leveraging my personal experiences and driven by a strong aspiration, I ventured into the anti-aging industry and commenced the development of natural cosmetics.

Understanding that external applications are futile if the skin isn't nourished from within, we created the Collagen Shot dietary supplement. This formula is designed to enhance the "good look" or youthful appearance of the skin, hair, nails, and overall well-being.

For over a decade, collagen has been recognized as a highly effective anti-aging dietary supplement. However, MSM has recently emerged as a significant contender in the beauty supplement market.

My vision was to create a distinctive product, one that encompasses a broader range of active ingredients. This vision led to the creation of Collagen Shot.

Where do we stand today? How did we evolve from a modest home workshop into a company that has successfully carved out its place in the market, despite stiff competition?

Anja Bordon

Natural cosmetics

What is the Essence of Gaia Naturelle?

Gaia Naturelle is crafting a narrative in which many individuals can see reflections of themselves. The market is replete with various providers of dietary supplements and natural cosmetics, yet... Our offerings are more than mere 'products'; they are the culmination of a life's journey.

My quest to find solutions for rejuvenating my weary body, fortifying my fragile nails, addressing hair loss, and hydrating my dry skin has led me to this point.

Our mission is centered on assisting people in preserving a youthful appearance.

The key to maintaining such an appearance largely hinges on our lifestyle choices, dietary habits, and exercise routines. Therefore, dietary supplements are essentially an added bonus, the proverbial "icing on the cake" or the "cherry on top".

Where Does Gaia Naturelle Stand Today?

My journey with Gaia Naturelle began modestly at home, transforming my children's room into a makeshift laboratory. Fast forward to today, and it has blossomed into a flourishing business with a team of six dedicated employees.

At times, it may seem as though I've been in this business for ages. However, in reality, it hasn't been all that long. We are the team behind the Slovenian segment of Gaia Naturelle: Tea, Tjaša, Tina, Tadej, Miha, Špela, and myself. Each of us plays a unique role, though often we find ourselves juggling multiple responsibilities. This versatility is typical in small companies, and I believe it's this 'all for one, one for all' ethos that keeps our spirit vibrant and alive.

It's also noteworthy to mention that since our appearance on the "Start it up, Slovenia!" TV show, we have introduced many new products and successfully penetrated numerous international markets. Our collagen products are now available in diverse locations, from holiday spots in Dubai to UK, across all the countries of the former Yugoslavia, and beyond.

The credit for where Collagen Shot stands today goes to you, the customers, who have given our product a chance and shared your experiences. The myriad of positive feedback and photos we receive from you daily are a testament to the remarkable impact of what we've created.

Our story - Gaia Naturelle team

Anja Bordon family

On a personal note

Privately, I am a mother to three wonderful children, a partner to a loving husband, and an explorer of new possibilities.

Together with my dear Miha, we have brought three little ones into this world. We are parents to Gaja, our thirteen-year-old daughter, Maks, our ten-year-old son, and Luka, who is eight. In a single word, our family life is 'interesting'. A significant portion of my free time is devoted to exploring life. I find myself deeply drawn to various "alternative methods" for uncovering freedom and discovering new possibilities.