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Our story

Hello! I am Anja and I want to be forever young. Just like you who read this ;)

I wasn't thinking about wrinkles and aging until I was 25. Today, at the age of 36, after three pregnancies, it is different. I started to notice changes in my body. And, of course, like every other woman, I am doing my best to slow down those changes as much as I can. 

For most of my life, the only important thing for me was appearance. I have been battling an eating disorder, bulimia for over 15 years, and have also successfully cured it. 

Today, I take care of myself by using mostly natural cosmetics, and I also pay a lot of attention to my body from the inside. Both, the physical and even more so the mental part of my being.

We create natural cosmetics and take care of your eternally youthful appearance

Anja Bordon food technologist

By education, I am a university graduate food technologist, and by heart and soul, I am an eternal researcher of life and new possibilities. For seven years I was employed in a Slovenian company in the development laboratory of food supplements and natural cosmetics. After the end of my third maternity leave, I lost my job and gratefully entered the world of new possibilities, entrepreneurship. Together with our partners, we make cosmetics from natural, nourishing ingredients for careful care of the whole body. Since I am aware that no cosmetics help if the skin is not nourished from the inside, we have developed a dietary supplement Collagen shot, whose recipe includes everything for a "beautiful look" or for a more youthful appearance of skin, hair, and nails. Collagen has been the most effective antiaging dietary supplement for more than a decade, and recently MSM has also gained great value in the nutricosmetics industry. I wanted a different product. A product that includes several active ingredients and thus the Collagen shot was created. More info about our best-seller, Collagen shot here.

My personal life

Anja Bordon family

I am a mother of three children, a partner to one husband and a researcher of new possibilities

My dearest Miha and I created three little kiddos. We are parents to ten-year-old girl Gaja, seven-year-old Maks, and five-year-old Luka. In one word, our life is very interesting. I dedicate quite a bit of my free time to exploring life, I am very close to various "alternative methods" of discovering freedom and discovering new possibilities. 

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