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Reusable pads for skin cleansing

Reusable pads for skin cleansing

Gentle, reusable pads that thoroughly remove even the most stubborn make-up.

  • Super soft fabric that does not irritate the skin
  • environmentally friendly
  • easy to maintain
  • removes even waterproof make-up

Net amount: 2 pieces

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Product description

Gentle, reusable microfibre pads that thoroughly remove even the most stubborn make-up with just warm water, without harshly scrubbing the skin.

The pad's fine fibers act as a magnet, attracting dirt and make-up and removing even waterproof mascara or permanent lipstick.

Inside the pack, you get 2 reusable, machine washable pads.

Material: microfibre (100% PES)

Dimensions: Ø 12 cm


  • Super soft fabric that does not irritate the skin
  • Can replace more than 3,000 disposable cotton pads
  • Easy to maintain
  • Remain soft and appear as new even after months of use
  • Machine washable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Ideal for traveling

Maintenance: the pads are very easy to maintain and no make-up stains remain on the fabric. After removing your make-up, it is enough to add a small amount of soap to the pad to wash off any residual make-up. Once a week, we recommend washing the pads in a washing machine (at 60 °C) for thorough cleaning and hygiene.

Tip: Be sure to wash the pads in the washing machine before first use. Wash the pads without fabric softener and air dry (do not tumble dry) as this will remove make-up more effectively.

How to use reusable pads in your daily skincare routine?

Soak the reusable pads in warm water to remove all make-up from your face. Yes, warm water is enough to remove make-up from your face. For those who still don't want to skip using a cleansing gel or foam, a very small amount of facial cleanser on a wet pad is enough.

Using long, gentle strokes, pass it over the skin to remove make-up and other impurities. No need to rub.

The advantage of reusable pads is their size. Unlike small disposable cotton pads, Gaia Naturelle cleansing pads are so large that you can clean almost half of your face at once. In situations where you have more make-up, you can use them on both sides.

In addition to removing make-up, you can use the pads to rinse off scrubs or face masks. The fine fibers on the pad will "catch" all the grains of the peel and mask so as not to make too much of a mess in the sink (if you've ever tried to wash a mask and peel with just your hands and water, you know what a mess we're talking about).

After thoroughly cleansing your skin in the evening, apply a vitamin C serum and a moisturizing face cream to your face.

At least once a week, we recommend exfoliating and applying a face mask to keep your skin clean, healthy, and fresh.

The longer fibers allow for deep cleansing and removal of dead skin cells and heavier make-up. The shorter fibers are ideal for removing everyday make-up and removing face masks or scrubs. Regular application of the pads will leave your facial skin looking neat and radiant.

Why are reusable pads more environmentally friendly than disposable cotton pads?

Cotton may be one of the most widely used natural materials, used to produce half of all fabrics in the world, but it is also one of the most unsustainable fabrics in terms of ecology, generating a large amount of waste and impurities.

Cotton production involves the use of large quantities of pesticides and insecticides, which pollute the environment (water, air, soil) and cause many health problems for the people working in cotton production. In addition, it takes about 20 000 liters of water to produce 1 kg of cotton, so that it can be used for anything.

The average woman uses 3 disposable cotton pads in her daily make-up removal routine. It takes 1 000 liters of water to produce a pack of 100 disposable cotton pads, which the average woman uses in just 33 days.

 Now let's compare our reusable pads that will last up to 1000 uses! By throwing the reusable pads in the washing machine and the cotton pads in the rubbish.

When producing a product that can only be used once is far more damaging to the planet than a product that can be used 1000 times more, the choice seems obvious, doesn't it?

Why are they perfect for traveling?

  • Unlike large packs of disposable cotton pads, facial cleansing pads take up very little space.
  • You won't have to worry about having enough make-up remover pads when you're traveling.
  • All you need is one make-up remover pad (you can use one pad for almost a whole week without having to wash it in the washing machine. After use, just wash the pad with a small amount of natural soap and leave it to dry).
  • No need to take an extra bottle of make-up remover on your trip.
  • They are gentle on your skin, which is especially important at times when the skin is more sensitive due to climate change

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