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BHA tonic

BHA tonic
BHA Tonic

BHA tonic is a tonic for intensive skin cleansing.

  • suitable for mixed and oily skin
  • 2% salicylic acid for effective cleaning of pores and blackheads
  • moisturizes the skin and helps maintain a balanced skin pH

Net amount: 130 ml

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Product description

The toner contains salicylic acid and tea tree extract, which effectively penetrate the pores and dissolve fats and in turn, help prevent the appearance of pimples and blackheads.

BHA Tonik

In addition, it also contains hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, which moisturize the skin and help maintain its natural pH.

Toner - why include it in your daily skincare routine?

The toner helps to balance the pH of the skin and removes any remains of impurities and dirt.

The task of the tonic is to gently refresh the skin without depriving it of its natural moisture. This means that the toner does not irritate sensitive skin or cause excessive drying. The toner also prepares the skin to more easily absorb the moisturizer after cleansing and any other skin care treatments you use.

Why are BHA acids added to the toner?

BHA acids are one of the most effective skincare ingredients that fight pimples, blackheads, and other skin problems. The salicylic acid (2%) contained in the BHA toner has the ability to penetrate into the deep layers of the skin and dissolve dead skin cells and unclog pores.

In addition, salicylic acid helps reduce redness and swelling of the skin. The use of BHA acids is recommended for those who have problems with excessively oily skin, as they reduce the production of sebum and prevent the appearance of acne.

What are the benefits of toner?

  • Helps to balance the pH of the skin and prevents the skin from being too tight or dry
  • Moisturizes and soothes the skin
  • Helps to remove residues of oils, make-up, or cleaning agent
  • Prepares your skin and allows it to better absorb the active ingredients of other products
  • After use, your skin will be radiant and toned

How to use facial toner correctly?

Apply the toner to cleanse the facial skin in the morning and evening. When using a toner with acids, wear a cream with a protection factor during the day.


Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) - Applying vitamin B to the skin can stimulate new collagen formation. In addition, it soothes irritated skin, successfully cares for sensitive skin, reduces the excessive production of sebum and thus general oiliness of the skin, and at the same time does not dry out the skin.

Hyaluronic acid - is one of the best moisturizing ingredients naturally produced by our body. It restores, moisturizes and heals your skin and protects it from free radicals. The skin is softer and smoother after using hyaluronic acid, which also reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Glycerin - Glycerin is a natural humectant that helps the skin retain moisture, contributing to better skin hydration. Glycerin also helps improve skin texture. After use, the skin is soft and smooth.

Green Tea Extract - Green tea leaf extract is a rich source of antioxidants that help protect the skin from free radical damage caused by UV radiation. In addition, green tea extract also contains tannins that soothe the skin.

Salicylic acid - Salicylic acid is an organic acid that comes from a group of beta-hydroxy acids (BHA). It is used in cosmetics for its ability to penetrate deep into skin pores and cleanse them of excess fat, dirt, and impurities. Because salicylic acid has an exfoliating effect, it is often used to remove dead skin cells, which can help improve skin texture and tone.

Most frequently asked questions

  1. Is the toner suitable for all skin types?

Yes, the toner is suitable for all skin types, but especially for oily skin.

  1. Does toner replace moisturizing cream?

No, toner does not replace moisturizing cream. The toner is intended to prepare the skin for further care, while the cream serves as a skin moisturizer. A toner can help in that aspect but is not enough to provide adequate moisture to the skin on its own.

  1. How does the toner work?

The ingredients that make up a toner are usually mild on the skin. Since the tonic molecules are smaller, they penetrate more easily deep into the dermal layers and effectively remove dirt, dead cells, impurities, and excess sebum.

This deep cleansing toner helps to unclog pores, refreshing and rejuvenating the skin. Toners can also contain a low concentration of facial acids with a mild exfoliating effect on the skin.

  1. When should you use toner?

BHA Tonic is suitable for daily use. You can use it in the morning and in the evening. We recommend that you first cleanse your face with a cleansing foam to get rid of surface impurities, and then use a toner to help cleanse the skin more thoroughly.

  1. Is it "necessary" to use toner every day?

Our skin is exposed to various bacteria, microorganisms, and pollution every day. If these impurities are not removed, breakouts of pimples or other skin conditions can occur. Toner will help remove dirt and impurities and help maintain the skin's ideal pH balance.

  1. Does the toner need to be washed off?

No, the toner does not wash off the skin.



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