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A basic skincare routine for men

A basic skincare routine for men

More and more men are turning to basic skin care because they are becoming more aware of the value of healthy skin. This blog will show you the simple steps of basic skin care for men.

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What You Should First Pay Attention To...

The Difference Between Male and Female Skin

The Simplest Skincare Routine for Men

What You Should First Pay Attention To...

Firstly, it's important for everyone, including men, to recognize and understand their skin type:

  • Sensitive skin may burn or become red after using a product.
  • Normal skin is clear and not sensitive.
  • Dry skin is flaky, itchy, or rough.
  • Oily skin is shiny and greasy.
  • Combination skin is dry in some areas and oily in others.

Understanding your skin type will help you learn how to care for your skin and choose skin care products that are suitable for you.

The Difference Between Male and Female Skin

They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus, and the same goes for skin. The hormone testosterone determines the masculine characteristics of male skin and gives it a different structure than female skin. Although the skin of each man is unique, generally male skin – both on the face and body – is thicker, oilier, and ages differently.

1. Thickness

Male skin is on average about 20% thicker than female skin. It also contains more collagen and is consequently tighter and firmer.

Male and female skin

While collagen synthesis starts to decline around the ages of 25 to 30, the collagen content in male skin continually decreases. In female skin, this becomes noticeable later in life, especially after menopause. At that point, female skin becomes even thinner, and the effects are more pronounced compared to male skin, as collagen decline is more uniform in men.

2. Oily Skin

Male skin has larger pores, is oilier, and thus more prone to impurities and acne. At the same time, men also have more active sebaceous glands and therefore more pores than women.

Sebum production in men is twice as much as in women, resulting in male skin being oilier and shinier.

3. Skin Aging

Aging is inevitable, but how does it manifest on male skin? Although signs of aging in men might not show as quickly as in women, once they do appear, they reveal themselves with full force. Attention to detail is crucial, as wrinkles, despite their later onset, inevitably become more pronounced.


One of the most common challenges men face is sagging skin combined with puffy eyes and dark circles. This can make men appear tired even when they might not be.

4. Shaving

Shaving has long been an essential part of a man's daily ritual, but it has a multi-faceted impact on the skin. Regular shaving removes the top layer of skin cells, making the skin more susceptible to environmental influences. This can also be a cause of skin sensitivity, which responds more quickly to irritants.

The Simplest Skincare Routine for Men

The basic skincare routine for men consists of only five steps.

1. Skin Cleansing

When you start your skincare routine in the morning or before bed, first wash your face with lukewarm water. Then, cleanse it with a cleanser or cleansing foam.

The cleansing foam is a cleanser that contains foaming agents that create bubbles when applied to the skin. Natural facial cleansing foam works by quickly and easily removing surface impurities and makeup, leaving your skin clean and refreshed.

Skin cleansing is extremely important as the skin is exposed to various factors throughout the day. Every skin type, therefore, needs morning and evening cleansing. If you have oily skin, you can also cleanse your skin multiple times a day.

In the evening, we remove various impurities that accumulate during the day, as well as makeup. In the morning, we remove excess oil and the skin's metabolic secretions, as well as some dead cells that the skin sheds overnight. Uncleaned skin is more prone to acne breakouts, dehydration, and premature aging.

Thorough cleansing is thus the first step in effective skincare. Cleansed skin can also better absorb the active ingredients of nurturing products.

2. Toner

The purpose of a toner is to gently refresh the skin without stripping it of its natural moisture. This means that a toner should not irritate sensitive skin or cause excessive drying.

Toner also prepares the skin to better absorb moisturizer after cleansing and all other treatments used for skincare.

After using a cleanser, we recommend using a BHA toner containing salicylic acid and tea tree extract. These ingredients effectively penetrate the pores and dissolve oils, which helps prevent the appearance of pimples and blackheads.

3. Skin Moisturizing

Moisturizing the skin is crucial as it keeps the skin hydrated and prevents moisture loss, which helps maintain its softness, elasticity, and healthy, youthful appearance.

After cleansing or using a mask on your face, don't forget to apply moisturizer. Some face creams already contain a protective factor (SPF), making them suitable for daily use, but not for the evening.

For evening skincare, choose a moisturizer without a protective factor and without pigments. We love products that contain hyaluronic acid, as it helps the skin retain moisture.

4. Sun Protection

The most basic rule of any skincare routine is to always use sun protection. By applying sunscreen with a protective factor all over your body, especially on your face, you can protect your skin from ultraviolet rays, which are associated with premature aging and skin cancer.

For optimal sun protection, most SPF products should be reapplied every two hours when you're outdoors.

If you'll be spending the day in the sun, make sure to pack sunscreen, such as Hyaluron Face Cream SPF 30, and set an alarm to remind you when to reapply.

5. Skin Exfoliation

This is a step that confuses most beginners. In fact, skin cells renew every three weeks, but they often start accumulating on the skin's surface once they die. They can form rough patches or get trapped in pores, causing acne.

Skin exfoliation is important as it removes dead skin cells, improves texture, and stimulates skin renewal and circulation.

For those who want to try exfoliation, we recommend a cleansing face mask with clay and activated charcoal. This innovative formula, enriched with natural ingredients, provides gentle exfoliation and skin brightening.


The Brightening Face Mask has dual action – face cleansing and exfoliation. At the same time, it deeply nourishes your skin.

  • Cleansing: Clay thoroughly cleanses the skin and helps prevent the formation of pimples.
  • Exfoliation: Bamboo particles gently remove dead skin cells and refresh the skin.

Activated charcoal prevents excessive sebum production, and added vitamin E improves skin elasticity.


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