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Hydrolyzed collagen - everything you need to know

Hydrolyzed collagen - everything you need to know

What is hydrolyzed collagen anyway? Why is it one of the most popular food supplements on the market right now? Why does our body need it? How to choose the best one? Find out more in this article.

Hydrolyzed collagen is one of the most popular food supplements on the market right now. Nowadays, young and healthy skin is considered a beauty standard, and one of the key elements for our skin is, of course, hydrolyzed collagen.

It has been shown that eating hydrolyzed collagen can repair damaged collagen fibers and stimulate your body to produce more of its collagen.1 If you provide your body with enough collagen, your skin will be smoother and more toned, your joints will be more flexible, your nails will be stronger and your hair will shine again.2

Hydrolyzed collagen for joints is a great solution for joint pain or poor joint mobility. Hydrolyzed collagen has also been shown to have antioxidant properties, anti-hypertensive action, and the ability to repair damage in damaged skin.3

Table of contents:

What is (hydrolyzed) collagen?

What does the term ''hydrolyzed collagen'' mean?

How to slow down the breakdown of collagen

Benefits and effects of hydrolyzed collagen on the skin

Hydrolyzed collagen does not only affect the skin

Why is hydrolyzed collagen more effective than natural collagen?

How to choose the best-hydrolyzed collagen?

Why is Collagen shot 10,000 the right choice?

What is (hydrolyzed) collagen?

To answer the question of what is hydrolysed collagen, I must first explain what collagen is in the first place. Most of you probably already know that collagen is the protein that is most abundant in our body. It is mainly made up of the amino acids glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. It makes up between 25-30% of all proteins in our body.4

Collagen loss

The loss of collagen in the body starts around the age of 25, and we lose about 1% of collagen per year. At around the age of 80, the body's production of collagen decreases by 75% compared to young adults.5

Other contributing factors include:

  • free radicals in the body,
  • poor nutrition,
  • smoking,
  • Alcoholism and disease

Collagen is found in cartilage, skin, teeth, nails, muscle tendons, organ walls, and hair. It can be said to act as the ''glue'' that holds our bodies together, as it is responsible for the stability and strength of body tissues.6

The role of hydrolyzed collagen in the body

Therefore, a deficiency of hydrolyzed collagen for the joints leads to:

  • poor functioning of the musculoskeletal system,
  • wrinkles, cellulite, dry skin
  • lack of shine in the hair and skin.

The role of collagen in the body is very important as it helps in organ development; wound and tissue healing; corneal, gingival, and scalp repair. Hydrolyzed collagen for the joints helps to rebuild bone and cartilage.

What does the term ''hydrolyzed collagen'' mean?

Unless I've missed something, I think that all food supplements on the market in Slovenia contain hydrolyzed collagen. Hydrolyzed collagen is one of the most common forms of collagen found in food supplements and is processed in such a way that it is composed of peptides with a molecular weight of up to 10,000 Da.7 2

Term hydrolyzed collagen means that the manufacturing process of a food supplement, e.g. Collagen shot 10,000, uses a hydrolysis process where the collagen is broken down into smaller basic building blocks called peptides.

Hydrolyzed collagen production

+What are peptides? We know that collagen is a protein of animal origin and proteins are made up of peptides. These peptides are made up of amino acids, with at least 3 amino acids linked together to form a peptide.

Why is this process even necessary? Because peptides are more easily broken down in the digestive tract into their basic building blocks - amino acids - and are consequently more easily absorbed.

These proteins pass largely intact through the intestinal wall and from the intestine into the blood. The collagen molecules then travel through the bloodstream and are deposited where they are most needed by the body.7

Breakdown of hydrolyzed collagen in the body

As I mentioned earlier, a decline in collagen in the body leads to dry and sagging skin, the first wrinkles, brittle and brittle nails, and thinning and lackluster hair.

The decline in collagen is also reflected in difficulty in movement, as the amount of collagen in articular cartilage and tendons decreases and in muscle fibers, which become less and less elastic, and muscle mass starts to decline.3

How to slow down the breakdown of collagen

How do we replace lost collagen in the body? We can't replace lost collagen in the body, but by taking supplements with hydrolyzed collagen, we can encourage the body to start making more collagen on its own. How can this be done?

Hydrolyzed collagen works in two different forms in the dermis. First, free amino acids provide the building blocks for forming collagen and elastin fibers. In the second, collagen oligopeptides act as ligands that bind to receptors on the fibroblast membrane and stimulate the production of new collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.8

Benefits and effects of hydrolyzed collagen on the skin

Hydrolyzed collagen has many benefits and effects, but the first one you'll want to know about is its effect on the skin. Nowadays, young and healthy skin is the beauty standard. We know that the skin is the largest organ in the body, made up of collagen elastic fibers and hyaluronic acid. These structural components make our skin:

  • Smooth and taut,
  • elastic
  • and moisturized.

As the skin ages, it undergoes morphological structural and functional deterioration, meaning that collagen fibers diminish and elastin fibers accelerate the formation of lines and wrinkles.

The effect of collagen on the skin

Hydrolyzed collagen has been shown to have excellent water retention, absorption, and moisture retention properties. At the same time, it has anti-aging and anti-melanogenic effects, demonstrating that it is a potential active ingredient in skin care products.10

In recent years, oral (tablets, capsules, syrups) and liquid (mouthwashes) ingestion of collagen has become increasingly popular, as it has been shown to reach deeper layers of the skin and improve skin physiology and appearance, increasing hydration, elasticity, and firmness, reducing wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin.11

The effect of reducing the appearance of wrinkles is mainly attributed to the fact that collagen intake increases the body's production of collagen.12 Collagen can also improve various skin conditions such as acne.

Collagen shot results

You can see the effect of our hydrolyzed collagen, Collagen Shot, on the picture above.

A study where participants consumed a liquid dietary supplement containing fish hydrolyzed collagen daily for 90 days showed an improvement in skin texture and elasticity, and a protective effect on joint health was also observed.13

It has also been shown that in cases of photo-aging due to exposure to ultraviolet rays (UV rays accelerate the breakdown of collagen in the skin), supplementation with hydrolyzed collagen can improve the appearance of the skin.14

Hydrolyzed collagen does not only affect the skin

Taking hydrolyzed collagen not only affects the skin but has many other effects. One of them is the positive effect of hydrolyzed collagen on the joints. A lack of collagen in the connective and cartilaginous joints can cause several problems that can start to make movement difficult.

In a study looking at the effect of hydrolyzed collagen for joints against osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, it was found that consuming 12 g of hydrolyzed collagen per day promoted improvement in symptoms. Supplementation in combination with calcium or vitamin D is also thought to have even better effects.15

It can also help your nails grow back faster, repair and strengthen faster and make your hair shine again. Nails and hair are made up of keratin, which, like collagen in the body, has a supporting function.

You're probably wondering how collagen can rebuild and strengthen your nails and hair when I just mentioned that keratin is responsible for that. The fact is that collagen is rich in amino acids, which the body needs to form keratin, which is found in nails and hair.16

Why is hydrolyzed collagen more effective than natural collagen?

Hydrolyzed collagen is derived from natural collagen, which is present in some foods and can be introduced into the body by eating animal skin, ligaments, or bones (e.g. beef broth or gelatine).

Unfortunately, the collagen in these foods is found in minimal amounts and natural collagen has very poor absorption. It is made up of several amino acids that are twisted into a strong, long protein chain that cannot be absorbed by the body in the digestive tract.

In simple terms, the collagen molecules in bone broth are too large to be effectively absorbed into the blood during digestion. Similarly, the gelatine molecules used in the kitchen are not absorbed by the body in a form that compensates for the natural decrease in collagen.

It has been shown that the absorption of hydrolyzed collagen in the form of a food supplement is 90%, while the absorption of collagen from food is about 27%. This means that the absorption yield of hydrolyzed collagen is up to 5x higher than that of collagen from food.

How to choose the best-hydrolyzed collagen?

There are currently many food supplements on the market that contain hydrolyzed collagen. Which is the best? Unfortunately, I can't give you a direct answer to this question, but I can give you some advice on what to look out for when choosing hydrolyzed collagen for yourself.

The source of hydrolyzed collagen

One of the important things, besides the fact that it is hydrolyzed, is the source of collagen. This determines the biggest differences in quality between the different collagens on the market. There is fish collagen, bovine collagen, porcine collagen, and chicken collagen. The fact is that they all have positive properties, but they do not all have the same good absorption. This is the key if we want results.7

Source of hydrolyzed collagen

Fish collagen has been shown to have 150% higher absorption than other collagens. The reason for the better absorption is that fish collagen has smaller molecules.

Another advantage is its composition. There are several types of collagen, namely type I, type II, and type III. Type I collagen is the most abundant type in the body, accounting for 80%, and is the most important for maintaining the youthful appearance of skin, hair, and nails, and it is this type that fish collagen is most abundant in.8

Vitamin C supplementation

Vitamin C itself plays a role in collagen formation. When we eat foods rich in vitamin C, the amount of collagen production increases, by a factor of 6. Vitamin C also accelerates its absorption. In addition, it has a bunch of other positive effects, especially on the immune system, which you are probably all familiar with.

The amount of collagen

When choosing a collagen product, it is important to check how much-hydrolyzed collagen is contained in the daily dose. The amount of collagen in a daily dose varies widely between the food supplements on the market.

Why is Collagen shot 10,000 the right choice?

Collagen shot 10,000 is a highly concentrated food supplement containing 10,000 mg of hydrolyzed fish collagen, MSM, hyaluronic acid, vitamins C and D, and zinc. You already know the Collagen Shot formula, but in this new version, we've given it a little extra kick.

Which hydrolyzed collagen is the best

Collagen Shot 10,000 contains, in a daily dose of 30 ml, one time more fish collagen than Collagen Shot and 2,000 mg of MSM, which will be especially appreciated by those of you who suffer from joint problems. You could say that the Collagen shot is 10,000 hydrolyzed collagen for the joints.

As I mentioned before, it also contains vitamin D3, which has a positive effect on bones, teeth, and the immune system, and vitamin C, which promotes the absorption of collagen.

So, by taking the Collagen Shot 10,000 you will ensure:

  • better-looking skin
  • maintain beautiful and shiny hair
  • harder nails
  • better joint mobility
  • normal functioning of the immune system and balanced digestion


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